Amber Strongborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Deadlifts and Powerlifters, Swoleesi of the Convoy Strength, Breaker of PR's, and Mother of Dra-GAINS.

Oh hi there... Nice to meet you, my name is Amber

​​​Or for the majority of people know me as "Swoleesi"... aka the buff version of Khaleesi. You know that blonde girl who has 3 dragons from that one HBO show? 

Yep. People would stop me in the middle of the street to tell me I that I looked like her.. and I decided to own it.  Thats when "Swoleesi, Mother of Dra-Gains" came to life. I combined the bad ass mid-evil show with LIFTING. My Iron Throne will be made out of calibrated kilo plates and deadlift bars of my enimies. JK.

​​I'm an 56kg (126 # for you non-kilo readers) International Elite Powerlifter in the USPA and IPL, I have also competed in USAPL as well. For everyone asking "how much can you lift?"  My best numbers are SQUAT: 291 #, BENCH: 181 #, DEADLIFT: 407 #. 

Now, I wouldn't consider myself naturally strong. In fact when I first started lifting, I could only do 80# for squats... on a smith machine... for 2 reps.... I wasn't strong, but I was competitive. I played tons of sports in high school, including track, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. They helped carry me into powerlifting.I knew lifting would give me the best copition ever: myself.

Competiton History

  • 2015- San Diego Open: USPA 67kg - 836 total, WILKS: 395, 1st place Open & Teen​​
  • 2015- Arizona State Championships: USAPL 70kg - 827 total, WILKS: 390, 1st place Open & Teen, Best Lifter Open & Junior
  • 2015- California State Games: USAPL 63kg - 804 total, WILKS: 392, 1st place Open & Junior
  • 2015- IPL Worlds: USPA 60kg- 842 total, WILKS: 426
  • 2016- DCS Open: USPA 60kg- 824 total, WILKS: 430, 1st place Open & Junior
  • 2016- Anahiem Fit Expo: USPA 56kg- 781 total, WILKS: 420,1st place Open and Junior, Best Lifter Open & Junior
  • 2016- IPL Worlds: USPA 56 kg- 799 total, 1st place Open and Junior,WILKS: 432 , IPL WORLD CHAMPION
  • 2017- JTS Open: USPA 56 kg- 810 total, 1st place Open and Junior, WILKS: 437, Best Lifter Open & Junior

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