I promise to give you the best I can... If you don't believe me, read below:

  1. Amber is the perfect coach for both beginner and novice powerlifters. She explains her thought process and plan for long term and short term goals so you are never left in the dark, and the accessory excercises are always changing so you are never bored. She is a fantastic motivator and is never too busy to go the extra mile for her clients whether it be Skype or just checking in on how you are. 10/10 recommend ( Plus you get great snaps of her dogs).
    Tyson West
  2. Cookie cutter program?...absolutely not! I had started programming with Amber aka Swoleesi with a meet bench PR of 231. Doing her program has got my bench skyrocketed! Training 1RM PR of almost 300 and I hit 275 for a huge meet PR! Her coaching/program has helped me so much from her tips and form check. She is easy to approach and is a fast responding if you need questions about your program. I HIGHLY recommend her for your next meet prep! Thank you so much for all your help Amber!
    Jesse Lanuevo
  3. Amber has been my coach since October 2016 when I first decided to get into powerlifting and all three lifts have drastically improved specially my deadlift. I am now able to pull three times my bodyweight and was able set a state record for my weight class all thanks to her effective programming and technique critiques. She also handled me on both of my meets for no additional charge and I could not have asked for a better handler! She's very patient and always responds in a timely manner. The best part of having Amber as a coach is being able to interact with her directly on a regular basis which I believe is the most crucial component in a coach-athlete relationship. I highly recommend Amber to anyone who is interested in getting into powerlifting or just looking to get stronger!
    Katrina Lopez
  4. I became interested in powerlifting after competing in the bikini division of bodybuilding. I really wanted a training plan to have some focus again, as I really enjoyed training. Being a PT myself, I wanted to challenge myself without one on one personal training/coaching. I started researching more about powerlifting and I kept coming across a particular chick on instagram who looked bizarrely like Khaleesi from GOT (love love love that show lol). I looked back through her past posts and immediately felt a connection to her, so I contacted her about her online coaching. I didn’t think I had much hope of Amber (aka Swoleesi) being my coach as I live on the other side of the world to her in Oz. Amber got back to me and we had lengthy email conversations, from then on I knew I wanted her as my coach. As a distant coach Amber has been faultless, my programs come via email weekly. We have communication via messenger 2-3 times per week, with Amber giving me feedback on my technique via the videos I send her. The whole process is smooth and easy and Amber treats you as if you are her only client. I recommend her highly if you are interested in this wonderful sport. I just love being a #StrongBornTrainingSystems client!
    Tara Clark- From Australia